Digital Games

We Design Digital Games

It would be great if everyone could enjoy a face-to-face game but it’s not always possible or convenient. That’s why we develop app versions of our games to make the content and the Game Learning experience available to more people in a wider range of settings.

We recreate the look and feel of a board game within the apps and rewrite the content so it works in an online format. The digital games can be used to complement our board games or as a part of any blended learning programme. Equally they can stand alone as bite-sized learning.

Our games are simple and that’s intentional. Games for entertainment are entirely different to games with more ‘serious’ objectives. Players understand that the game is an opportunity to learn and not purely for entertainment and so their expectations are different. Yes, the game needs to be enjoyable but the game shouldn’t dominate the experience, it is a vehicle for the content and learning. Players compete just as hard to answer questions as they would to shoot aliens or swipe fruit.

Many of our existing online games address complex and serious medical issues but they are equally effective for organisational issues. You can try some of our online games by following these links.

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