McDonald’s: The Welcome Game
"The game is engaging, informative and facilitates communication, which in turn helps to improve confidence, competence and commitment of employees from their very first shift. Importantly, it’s fun and this puts new employees at ease and sets the tone for what they can expect from their job at McDonald’s." McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd.

Sepsis Game
"I had the privilege of working with Focus Games during the development and testing of the Sepsis Game. Without exception, it has been enthusiastically received as a valuable and useful teaching resource. I am always happy to recommend the game." Michael Surkitt-Parr, Head of Patient Safety, NHS Improvement.
“I have used the game as an educational tool on many occasions for training with senior staff and doctors. It really encourages interaction, discussion and competitiveness. Staff are often surprised by things that they think they know, but don't.” Carole Bishop, Nurse Specialist Sepsis, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust.

Care Certificate Game
“Health Education England has been working with external developers to identify the most effective tools to support employers. The Care Certificate Game has been selected as one of the resources that we endorse.” Health Education England.
“Really enjoyed the game and the group interaction. I like working in a team” Support Worker, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust.

The Burns Game
"The Burns Game is an exciting and innovative way of broadening the knowledge base of anyone working with burn-injured patients. The BBA is proud to have helped develop the game and hope players everywhere find it both educational and entertaining." Peter Drew, Chairman of British Burn Association.

Food, Mood & Health Game
“I really like this game. It is colourful, imaginative and pupils were engaged in activities from the outset. As many young people struggle with body image issues...I would recommend this game to any teachers who wish to promote nutrition and health within their classrooms.” Shirley Oldale, Head of Food & Nutrition, Wakefield Girls' High School.