Game Apps

We have a range of downloadable game apps for staff to improve their knowledge and take a short break from the pressure of work. They are all evidence-based and have been developed with clinicians and academics.

We also have games for patients and members of the public that can be included in ‘social prescribing’.

We have a very rapid and effective development process that enable us to create a customised game within weeks. Please call us if you have an idea for a new game.

Drug Round Game:
Delivers and tests knowledge around medication errors and drug calculations.

Drug Calculations:
Helps staff involved in dispensing or administering drugs improve confidence and numeracy skills.

Drug Recovery:
Helps players understand the journey that a person takes when trying to give up any substance.

Sepsis Game:
Highlights the early signs of sepsis, key facts and figures plus advice on what to do if you suspect someone has sepsis.

Show Me Where Adult:
Allows people to communicate with health professionals to show where pain is located.

Show Me Where Child:
Allows people to communicate with health professionals, teachers or parents/carers to show where pain is located.

Biobanking Game:
Explains the benefits of a biobank, how your sample supports cancer research and how we gain your consent.

Working Stress:
Helps clinical staff understand the unique nature of stress in clinical practice.

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